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Building a Diverse and Resilient Business Portfolio

Sakku’s Group of Companies.


Sakku is committed to expanding our capacity to provide Inuit-inspired, Inuit-delivered care, whether through medical travel or in our communities.


Sakku recognizes the need to reduce reliance on diesel power and is actively pursuing opportunities to transition to clean, reliable and renewable energy sources like hydroelectric and solar power.


We are addressing the chronic housing shortage in the North through innovative solutions, such as the establishment of the Sakku Innovative Building Solutions modular housing factory.


We understand the importance of enhanced internet services in order to connect the Kivalliq region to new opportunities. We are exploring both fibre optic and satellite solutions to improve telecommunications in our communities.


Leveraging our cargo handling capabilities, we are working to improve transportation options for people, goods, and services in and out of the region, through our affiliated airline and sealift operations.

Corporate relations

We play a vital role in advancing the business sector of the Kivalliq and are committed to developing economic opportunities for Inuit individuals and communities.

Our Role:

Representing the interests of all Inuit in the Kivalliq region

Sakku Investments Corporation takes great pride in our role as an Inuit Birthright Corporation representing the interests of all Inuit in the Kivalliq region. With over 30 years of history and experience, we have established ourselves as a trusted entity with financial reserves and a stable revenue stream. Our strong partnerships and competent teams, backed by arctic expertise, enable us to navigate the unique challenges of our region.

With an extensive business and community network, we possess in-depth knowledge of the people, the land, and the culture. Our commitment to social responsibility drives us to identify strategic partnerships and collaborate with Inuit businesses, ensuring the collective progress of our communities. We prioritize transparent communication processes to address community needs effectively.

the Lous Pilakapsi building