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Training and Employment

Sakku’s Training & Employment Division

Developing and implementing programs, services, and labour market initiatives.

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training & EMPLOYMENT:

Our Commitment to Apprenticeships and Employment Opportunities

Sakku’s Training & Employment division helps to develop and implement programs, services, and labour market initiatives. These initiatives are aimed at optimizing training, employment, and capacity-building opportunities. We provide these opportunities for Sakku’s 100% wholly-owned companies, business partners, and Inuit enrolled under the Nunavut Agreement. Our focus is primarily on enhancing Sakku’s business network.

Our collective objective is to empower our organization, wholly-owned companies, and business partners to optimize their training and employment opportunities. We aim to create achievable goals for Inuit employment at every level and to review the training and approach needed to reach higher-level positions within these organizations.

Over the past seven years, Sakku Investments Corporation has hired 8 apprentices to gain on-the-job hours within our wholly-owned companies.

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“Collaborating with the Sanatuliqsarvik Trade School and the Government of Nunavut is critical to the success of Sakku’s Apprentices”

Providing Support in our Organization

our values and principles

Sakku Investments Corporation is guided in pursuing its vision, mission and day-to-day operations by the following values and principles:

  • Inuit Empowerment
  • Collaboration
  • Sustainability
  • Social Responsibility
Sakku Building

Our action plan:

Kivalliq Employment and Training Action Plan

“Developing a comprehensive strategy to take advantage of economic opportunities in the region and addressing labour market needs and challenges.”

Phase 1:

Involved conducting community consultations to provide initial community and regional context and develop a framework for a more detailed analysis of the region’s status and needs.

Phase 2:

The information related to the labour market was obtained from the work conducted during the first phase.

This comprehensive work provided a regional overview of various areas that were explored through the questionnaire.

Phase 3:

The project is underway, with community members & stakeholders from the first 2 phases, preparing a Kivalliq Employment & Training Action Plan. The Working Group will meet in Rankin Inlet from Oct. 2-6 and include youth representatives from each Kivalliq community, as well as Sanikiluaq (sponsored by the GN Dept. of Family Services).

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Career Development Plan

Identifying Career Goals And How To Achieve Goals

Career Development planning is the process of creating an action plan based on awareness, values, reflection, goal-setting and planning for personal development within an organization.

Identifying Vision & Goals:

Identifying long-term and short-term goals specific to your skills and interests.

Planning for Success:

Identifying existing skills and qualifications.

Recognizing Your Weaknesses:

Acknowledge where you may have deficiencies.

Strategic Approach:

Create a career development plan that involves setting target progress markers, timelines, and identifying individuals who can help you achieve your goals.